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Episode 18 - Oh, Canada!

 Welcome to the supplemental blog post for Season 3 - Episode 18 all about the Canadian - American food relationship during WWII! I wanted to extend a big thanks to my guest, Kelsie Lonie, for teaching us more about Candian rationing and for sharing her grandmother's story about being a Farmerette. 

Economy Recipes for Canada's "Housoldiers"

I wanted to extend another thanks to Kelsey for providing pictures of some of her Canadian resources:

Victory Cook Book
Life Magazine, Sept. 9, 1940
Maclean's magazine ad
Food is Everybody's Business
How to Eat Well Though Rationed

Victory Cook Book
(the following 4 pictures also come from this book)

Maclean's magazine
November 15, 1945

The American-Canadian relationship was pretty strong during WWII. Besides the pre-Pearl Harbor American secret spy school just over the border in Canada, American citizens signed up with the Canadian military in order to help fight in England and Europe. 

Americans join up with the Canadian military to fight in Europe
Life magazine
Sept. 9, 1940

Food Is Everybody's Business

Canadian issue of How To Eat Well Though Rationed

Maple Gingerbread
How to Eat Well Though Rationed, 1943

Maple Gingerbread
photo courtesy of Kelsie Lonie

Lobster Puffs
photo courtesy of Kelsey Lonie

Cookbook Feature: 

Purity Cook Book

Apple-Oat Pudding with Honeyscotch Sauce
Purity Cook Book, 1945

Maple Butter Tarts
Purity Cook Book, 1945

Inside a Maple Butter Tart. Yum!

Maple Syrup Butter Tarts
Purity Cook Book, 1945

Apple-Oat Pudding
Purity Cook Book, 1945

Apple-Oat Pudding continued
Purity Cook Book, 1945

Honeyscotch Sauce
Purity Cook Book, 1945



 Timeline of Canadian rationing dates

Canadian Civilian ration dates


Some info on Canadian wartime rations - mentions rural people who had it easier.,didn't%20end%20until%201947


The six Canadian ration books explained


Examples of all the Ration books


Food Propaganda in Canada


The official Canadian food guide evolution (first created 1942)


The Politics of Food Guides - 1942 was the start of the Canada Food Guide


The Canadian wartime homemaker propaganda




Canadian war cake,4248626&hl=en

Videos & Radio Programs:

 1944 Purity Cook Book Butter Tarts


1940s CBC radio programs


CBC Radio program that mentions canning


Meat and Romance (1940) - Provincial Archives of Alberta

This film educated Canadian women on how to identify and purchase thrifty cuts of meat



Wartime Canada - pdfs of original wartime cookbooks, recipes, and other cool resources!


Economy Recipes for Canada’s “Housoldiers”. Canada Starch Company Limited. Montreal, Canada, 


Girl in a Sloppy Joe Sweater, life on the Canadian Homefront during WWII. Mary Peate

Misc. Resources:

 Canadian Foods:

Saskatoon Berries


Parkwood Estate National Historic Site

Historic Foodways Program “War in the Kitchen” remakes recipes published during wartime by Marie Holmes in the column “Cooking Chat”  in the Toronto Star


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