Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Cookies for Rookies FREE limited time download!

May's Monthly recipe theme was "Military" over on Instagram, and we had lots of fun exploring all kinds of military-themed recipes from WWII! For a grand finale I baked my way through this fantastic wartime booklet Cookies for Rookies and for a limited time I wanted to share this PDF copy of it with you for free!

You can access this PDF by clicking the link HERE. It will take you to the Google PDF doc where you can download it for yourself through this first week of June! This booklet is full of really great recipes. I recommend my two favorites: Chow Call Cup Cakes and the Love and Kisses Chocolate Brownies. Both are fantastic! Plus, I have to say - whoever thought up the theme for this booklet was genius. It is so much fun!


UPDATE: This document is no longer available, but I'm hoping to make documents like these available in the future to Patreon supporters. I hope to be able to set something up soon and will keep you posted. Thanks for your interest and support!

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