Wednesday, May 5, 2021

"Military" Christmas Cookies + FREE reproduction cookie template!


While my podcast has been on a hiatus, we've been having fun over on Instagram with a #monthlyww2recipetheme. 

February was Bread. 

March was Maple. 

April was Asian American. This was a special, meaningful month filled with trying Chinese American recipes and talking about my Chinese Great-uncle Harry and his restaurant in Anderson, Indiana. 

To check out any of these themes, head on over to Instagram and my account @victorykitchenpodcast!

For May, the theme is Military and my first recipe was to try out these "Military" Christmas Cookies from a Betty Crocker/ Gold Medal Flour ad found in December 1942 issue of Farm Journal and Farmer's Wife magazine. 

It's impossible to find the cool wartime military cookie shapes they feature in the ad, but it does mention making your own templates to cut your cookies out with, so that's just what I did! I promised you a PDF copy of my reproduction cookie template, so here it is: WWII Military Cookie Template

To use the template, print out the sheet of templates. Tape the paper onto a piece of thin cardboard. I suggest something like a cereal box that has a glossy side. Cut out the shapes. Place the shapes onto rolled out cookie dough and cut out the shape with a sharp knife using the cardboard shape as a guide. (It helps if the dough is lightly dusted with flour so the cardboard doesn't stick.) Bake cookies according to the recipe directions.

If you make the cookies, I do you hope tag me! Enjoy and happy baking!

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