Saturday, January 2, 2021

Episode 15 - Keeping Trim for Uncle Sam

Welcome to the supplemental post for Episode 15 - Keeping Trim for Uncle Sam! The pressure to look thin was around in 1940s America just as it is today, but sadly the ads and articles during WWII promoting weight loss were in many ways more harsh towards people who were overweight. 

Take for example this Ry-Krisp ad:

Fad diets and diet courses like this DuBarry ad sometimes put positive spins on weight loss with promises of how easy and fun it would be:

Cookbook Feature: Victory Meal Planner from 1942.

Here is one out of 12 days of the diet plan with S = Square, D = Diamond, C = Circle

Here is the infamous Adirondack Chowder that gave me so much trouble. No need to simmer it for a few hours. Just heat it until steaming and it's ready to eat!

And if you'd like to try pilot bread/crackers for yourself, this is what they look like!

I'd recommend switching out the almond extract for vanilla in this Almond Peach Cream. 

There was nothing wrong with this tasty dish: Spinach and Cheese Casserole!

Thanks for stopping by! Below are the resources I used in research for this episode.




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The Wartime Kitchen: Living Off Rations with Ration Book Cooking (British rations)


The DuBarry Success Course - By April Calahan, 22 April 2019

Fashion Institute of Technology from the State University of New York


Dressed: The History of Fashion Podcast

April Goes to Beauty School: the 1944 Du Barry Success Course


Before & After: The DuBarry Success Course


An article about Ida Jean Kain’s career


CPI - Current Price of Inflation - compare inflation between years


The WWII Diet That Saved Britain




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