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Episode 12 - Eat a Lunch That Packs A Punch!


"A Lunch That Packs a Punch"
Coupon Cookery by Prudence Penny

Welcome to this very substantial supplemental post for Episode 12 all about Victory lunch boxes - what they were and what went in them! I've got a lot of great images for you today, so scroll through to your heart's content!

Propaganda & Ads:

"Avoid Fatigue - Eat a Lunch That Packs a Punch!"
National Archives via Wikimedia Commons

Note the "Victory VU" lunch box!
Life magazine (date unknown)

Campbell's Soup ad
Women's Home Companion
October 1942

Hostess Cup Cakes ad
Victory Recipes, 1943

Argosy Magazine cover
July 1944
credit unknown

Nucoa margarine ad
Better Homes & Gardens
August 1944

Butter ad
Life magazine
16 Mar 1942

Here are some Victory lunch box-themed cookbooks and pamphlets from my collection!

Cookbook/Pamphlet Covers:

Exact date unknown




February 1943


Here are a couple images from this last cookbook - Health for Victory: How to Pack Lunch Boxes for War Workers. They feature suggested food groups to include every day and a month's worth of lunch box menus!

This episode's Cookbook Feature is 300 Helpful Suggestions for Your Victory Lunch Box, 1943.

"School Days" Bread with a lovely
chocolate flavor!

Delicious Date-Nut Bread

Molasses Cookies with Lemon Buttercream Frosting

A very big THANK YOU to my friend Stephanie Batroni Pitchers for allowing me to use the photos of the amazing Victory VU lunch box in her war worker's collection! You can find her on Instagram @topsailred.




History in the Kitchen - Victory Lunch Boxes Parts 1 - 3


Lunch in Wartime


History in the Kitchen: Wartime Lunch Box


The War in My Kitchen - What Husky Men Doing Active Work Like Best



The Lunch Box Goes to Work for Victory

(Accessed 10-29-20)


Health for Victory: How to Pack Lunch Boxes for War Workers, 1943

Victory Recipes, 1942-1945.

Ration Cook Book. Demetria M. Taylor, 1943.

Coupon Cookery. Prudence Penny, 1943.

What Do We Eat Now? Helen Robertson, Sarah MacLeod, Frances Preston, 1942.



The Lunchbox is On the March (Canada)


Industrial Feeding Outline for Management, 1943

Document with 3 pages.


Avoid Fatigue


Eat a Lunch That Packs a Punch


Wartime Nutrition, 1943 film.

United States. War Food Administration. Eat the Basic 7-- every day! : eat a lunch that packs a punch!, poster, 1943; [Washington, D.C.]. ( accessed November 3, 2020), University of North Texas Libraries, UNT Digital Library,; crediting UNT Libraries Government Documents Department.

Argosy magazine, July 1944, cover art by Arthur Saron Sarnoff.

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