Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Episode 6 - The Dairy Dilemma

Thank you to Northwestern University Libraries
for the use of their image!

Welcome to the supplemental material for Episode 6 - The Dairy Dilemma. This episode is all about dairy rationing and the problems dairy farmers faced with the onset of rationing. 

Image from Victory Recipes,
abt. 1943

"Eat More Cottage Cheese", 1917
Though this poster is from WWI, the same
mentality towards cottage cheese was used during WWII.
Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons

"Increase Dairy Production to the
'All Out' War Effort!", 1942
Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons

***To view the film "White Ammunition" by Blake (B.K.) Inc., Borden’s Farm Products***
go HERE!

**To learn how to calculate wartime food prices to compare with modern values check out my blog post HERE!**

Health-for-Victory Meal Planning Guide,
August 1943
This is a great cover showing a cute little boy
drinking a huge glass of milk!

Here is the Featured Cookbook!

Cheese English Monkey - The Ingredients

Cheese English Monkey - The Mixture

Cheese English Monkey on crackers

Cooking Rarebit over the stove

Rarebit - the mixture

Rarebit on a cracker
This was by far our favorite recipe!

Featured recipes for Cheese English Monkey & Rarebit
from Health-for-Victory Meal Planning Guide, October 1943


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Fighting to Honor War Veterans Through Milk Bottles


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Battlefront Dispatches from Vermont (interesting article about Henry McLemore)


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Powdered Egg & Milk shipped to the UK from the US


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Milk & Eggs - Nature’s Food


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Film “White Ammunition” by Blake (B.K.) Inc., Borden’s Farm Products


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Eat More Cottage Cheese


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Increase Dairy Production


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Borden's Sweetened Condensed Milk recipe booklet (1942)

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