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Episode 5: Liver and Tongue and Brains, Oh My!

"Take Only Your Share"
The Birmingham News
21 March 1943
A special thank you to the Alabama Media Group for their permission to use this newspaper image.
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Image found via newspapers.com
Welcome to Episode 5's supplemental content! And can I say - take a look at that newspaper full spread page!! When I found this, it nearly knocked my socks off. All the information found within is amazing, but what got me really excited are the pictures, especially the image showing what will be allowed per person per year. That information is very hard to come by in American rationing research!

I really love this meat rationing poster below. It's a great visual demonstration showing where all the meat has gone! A big thank you to the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula in Montana for allowing me to use their image of this fantastic poster.

Where's the Meat?...There's the Meat
ca. 1942
From the University of Montana Mansfield Library Collection
Courtesy of the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula

Enjoy all of these other WWII propaganda posters about meat rationing!
Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain
Wikimedia Commons

Public Domain
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Public Domain
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Public Domain
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Public Domain
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I love these wartime meat saving tips from the Betty Crocker cookbook Your Share, 1943.


I talk about this issue in the podcast:

Here are a few, yummy variations on the wartime meat-saver idea of a "meat pinwheel" or "meat roll."

120 Wartime Meat Recipes
by the American Meat Institute.

For pictures of the finished Hot Ham Roll click the link!
Click this link for the recipe for Beef Biscuit Roll.



The Taste of War: World War II and the Battle For Food by Lizzie Collingham



Meat & Cheese Rationing


(accessed 3/16/20)

The World War II Campaign to Bring Organ Meats to the Dinner Table


(accessed 3/23/20)

Changing Eating Habits on the Home Front: Lost Food Acceptance Lessons from World War II


(accessed 3/30/20)

Newspaper Articles:

“Take Only Your Share”. Birmingham News. 21 March 1943.

Various articles from the Atlanta Constitution newspaper, March 1943.

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