Saturday, February 8, 2020

Episode 2: The Great Sugar Shuffle

I hope you enjoyed listening to Episode 2 from the Victory Kitchen Podcast! If you haven't had a chance to listen, you can check out the episode links in the column on the right.

In Episode 2, we talked all about sugar rationing in America during WWII. Sugar was the first thing to be rationed and the last thing to be removed from being rationed, so it was a pretty big deal!

Following is the featured cookbook Baking on Your Sugar Ration by Clara Gebhard Snyder, the featured recipes, and some great resources!

Here's a behind the scenes peek at
some of my research for this episode!
Studies in Rationing: An Analysis of Selected Rationing
Programs in the United States During World War II

"Instructions for Applying for Canning Sugar"
newspaper clipping
from my personal collection

"Sugar Purchase Certificate"
document from my personal collection

"Applicants for Sugar Rationing Cards"
Adams School, Washington D.C.
May 1942
wikimedia commons

"Applicants for Sugar Rationing Card"
Washington D.C.
May 1942
wikimedia commons

"Mrs. Henry Wallace"
Caption: Sugar rationing. Mrs. Henry Wallace, wife of the Vice President, learns how millions of American householders will register for their sugar rationing cards from May 4th through May 7th. She's getting the information from a teacher and pupil at Western High School, Washington, D.C.
wikimedia commons

"Sugar: U.S. consumers register
for first ration books"
To see the article in full go here:
Life Magazine, pg. 22-23

And now for the recipes!
Here's this episode's featured cookbook:

First up - Caramel Cinnamon Muffins:

Second - Date Peanut Butter Drops:

Stay tuned for Episode 3!

Further Resources:

Solo, Carolyn Shaw. Studies in Rationing: An Analysis of Selected Rationing Programs in the United States During World War II. Preliminary draft undertaken by Harvard University. October 1950.

Kamps, Alice D. What’s Cooking, Uncle Sam? The Government’s Effect on the American Diet. The Foundation of the National Archives. Washington D.C., 2011.

“What’s Happened to Sugar?” (1945)
Accessed 1/20/20

“Make It Do: Sugar Rationing in World War II” by Sarah Sundin
Accessed 1/20/20

Sugar Rationing in World War II by Anorak
(worth looking at for the photos, though some of the information about rationing is incorrect)
Accessed 1/20/20

“Sacrificing for the Common Good: Rationing in WW II”
(Details about a brass relief panel at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.)
Accessed 1/20/20

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